Passenger - Settled Lyrics

written on Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I haven't found the lyrics for the beautful song of Passenger: Settled online, so I tried to write them down:

Well it's funny with age
you get to the stage
you had in your heart
down on the same page
your heart will wait forever
but your skin says you're getting old.

Good things come to those who wait
the lights were up and it's getting late.
She wore my coat cause she said that it was cold.

Funny how quick a coat turns into the ring
Looking back now I don't remember a thing

We don't talk about the writings on the wall
Somedays we don't talk at all
And when the lights are dim and my time is free

I sometimes think about the good times that I missed
Sometimes think about the girls I could have kissed.
But I settled for her and she settled for me.

Well it's funny how time just seems to fly,
you blink your eyes and it will pass you by
For too long you're getting on the bus for free.
Same old routine, same old blue jeans,
Same old nightmares, different dreams.

Funny how quick the days turn into years,
Funny some people stay, some disapear.

We don't talk about the writing on the wall...

Ain't it funny how you miss someone and
you sat there next to them at home
Ain't it funny how hard we are to change,
like we're made out of stone.

We don't talk about the writing on the wall...

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