Passenger - Manchester Lyrics

written on Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I haven't found the lyrics for the extremely beautful song of Passenger: Manchester online, so I tried to write them down:

Well Manchester you and me we're free to be whatever we
decide but like the weather we never really know.
It's time beneath your gray sky singing to my throats dry
And you would never ask why, because we both already know.

Well Manchester you and I are tangled like a fishing line
dangled from your city spire and hanging down below.
I stand beneath your doorways and listen to your stories,
you're struggeling in more ways than one I suppose.

Oh Manchester take me I'm yours for the ?keeping?
though the rain fills my shoes
from the sky always leaking,
you're a baby that's laughing,
you're a widow that's weeping,
and I feel your heart beating tonight.

Well Manchester me and you we're aging you know it's true,
with each passing year or two our shadows grow long
the lines on my face are like the cracks in this place
but you'll still be standing long after I'm gone.

So Manchester take me I'm yours...

Oh Manchester take me I'll never stop asking
though your answer is silent it is honest and lasting.
There's a beauty that's here
And it's never caught ?buskin?
and I feel your heart beating tonight.
I feel your heart beating tonight.
I feel your heart beating tonight.

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