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written on Friday, January 18, 2013


I would not recommend rstblog anymore for anyone who is interested in blogging with rst files. Use pelican instead.

I never really had the motivation to have my own website. But because I'm going to be in Afghanistan for a while, I wanted to do a little bit of blogging, so I decided to start a blag after all.

The reason why I was not going for tumblr, blogspot, etc. was that once your content is there, it's hard to get it away from there. I always like to have open formats. Fortunately a good friend is using rstblog, which uses the rst format (google it, if you don't know it yet!) to create blog content.

The only really awful thing about rstblog is that there's no documentation around. It's just an unmaintaned project. This is pretty annoying sometimes, but if you're just going for a blog (no special wishes like me), you'll be fine. I'm hosting it on github now (html only).

So with his permission, I cloned his blog, tweaked it a little (to have something more like a website). And here it is. He also gives a little introduction into the powers of rstblog.

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